Any cute boys? Natasha Scripture's 64-year-old Indian mother wants to know. Once again, Natasha finds herself explaining that it is hard to find a husband while serving as a relief worker in refugee camps, war zones and natural disaster areas.Natasha begins her man fast with this anecdote and then proceeds with courage and honesty to let us witness her spiritual journey as she reconciles the girl she was with the woman she has become. Set adrift by her father's early death, the conflicted feelings around her time as an aid worker and her devastating love affair with a woman, Scripture recognises the question at the heart of her anxiety: what was her purpose? Set on transcending sociological and cultural pressures, she steps away from the demands of modern life, from the subversive pressures to get coupled, and moves into a space where she allows herself to become fully present and awake-to her grief, to her identity, and to love as a mystical, ever-present force. Scripture's Man Fast takes her from meditating in an Ayurvedic ashram in southern India to toiling on a vineyard on Mount Etna to going on a solo-safari in a game reserve in southern Tanzania (where she also marries herself-yes, it's a thing). With chapters tied to actionable themes- Allowing, Surrendering, Committing, Connecting, and Being - her book is an antidote to a culture that prizes finding the right man and settling down into a conventional pattern over taking the time to know and live and love your true self.