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Art Is...
There are many, many kinds of art. Citing works ranging from a hand-made quilt to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this beautiful book will open young readers eyes to a whole new world.


The Future Architect's Handbook
For children with a passion for drawing, or dreams of creating buildings, this book explores how architects really work, taking the young reader through the entire process for planning and designing a house. Learn about an...


Fairies and Princesses
Drawing is a great way for readers to use their imagination! And princesses and fairies are two common characters in fantasy stories. Readers work through clear directions on 13 different drawing projects to create a colorful...




Andy Warhol
Young readers will obtain a light-hearted yet realistic overview of the celebrated artist''s life and work, enhanced by Venezia''s illustrations and story line.'


It's A Snap!
In 1877 in Rochester, New York, George Eastman couldn t understand why picture-taking was so difficult. Having left school at fourteen to support his mother and two sisters, George decided to find out by making photography his...


Explore My World Clouds
Curious kids ages 3 to 7 will be excited to learn about clouds--why they're in the sky, different types, and fun activities that celebrate being outside. These engaging Explore My World picture books on subjects kids care...


Pocket Full of Colors : The Magical World of Mary Blair, Disney Artist Extraordinaire
Amy Guglielmo, Jacqueline Tourville, and Brigette Barrager team up to tell the joyful and unique story of the trailblazing Disney artist Mary Blair. Mary Blair lived her life in color: vivid, wild color. From her imaginative...


Georgia O'Keefe (Revised Edition)
A series of biographies of artists for young readers provides hilarious, cartoon-style illustrations to complement the easy-to-read text and full-color reproductions of each master's artwork. Includes primary sources,...


Art What Job Can I Get?
Do you know what job you want to do? Thinking about what you enjoy most at school can help you work out which career path to follow, as the skills required for art are transferable to many different careers. Each book in this...


Growing Up With A Bucket Full Of Happiness : Three Rules for a Happier Life
Do you know you have an invisible bucket which is filled with all of your good thoughts and feelings? If you're new to the concepts of bucket filling and bucket dipping, then this award-winning book is for you. This sequel...


Curious Critters Maine brings young readers face-to-face with colorful, fascinating and fun animals that are commonly found throughout the state. Foster the love of nature in your young one through stunning photos of birds,...


Edgar Degas (Revised Edition)
A series of artist biographies for young readers provides hilarious, cartoon-style illustrations to complement the easy-to-read text and full-color reproductions of each master's artwork. Includes primary sources, photos,...


Art and Architecture
This book gives readers an insight into the art and architecture of medieval Europe. You can discover how the great cathedrals, castles, manor houses, tombs, monuments and monasteries were constructed and find out how stained...


Papa Chagall, Tell Us a Story
Barron s introduces another fine title to the highly-acclaimed "Anholt s Artists Books for Children" series. Here, award-winning author and illustrator Laurence Anholt reviews the life of Marc Chagall. Through the...


Maker Projects for Kids Who Love Graphic Design
In this inspired title, readers will discover the elements graphic designers use, such as colors, shapes, fonts, and perspective, to convey their messages. Creative and engaging maker projects help readers use these same...


It's a Puppy's Life
Have you ever wanted to know what goes on in the life of one of nature's most beloved animals--the puppy? Follow along in this sweet picture book featuring the unique photography of award-winning photographer Seth Casteel,...


Shooting Video to Make Learning Fun
This books helps students learn how to harness the power of video to inform and entertain. Includes background information and practical hands on activities.


Girl Plus Pen: Doodle, Draw, Color, and Express Your Individual Style
In this addition to the Craft It Yourself set, designer and artist Stephanie Corfee will inspire you to create one-of-a-kind doodle drawings that are fresh, fun, and express your unique sense of style. Doodle everything from...


13 Buildings Children Should Know
Children's fascination with buildings is a natural outgrowth of their curiosity about anything strange or huge or complex. This unique book brings together thirteen architectural wonders that have intrigued children for...


Art and Entertainment
Welcome to the world of infographics! This exciting form of data visualisation uses icons, pictograms and graphics to present information to kids in a whole new way. Marvel at amazing facts about the world of art and...


How to Draw the Joker, Lex Luthor, and Other DC Super-Villains
What good are super heroes without some sinister villains to fight? Now super hero fans can discover their inner artist by learning to draw the villains they love to hate! Simple, step-by-step instructions teach readers how to...


Vincent van Gogh
This title looks at the life and works of Vincent van Gogh, including an examination of paintings such as Sunflowers, Starry Night, The Artist's Bedroom in Arles, The Night Cafe, The Potato Eaters, Portrait of Pere Tanguy...


Learn to Draw Disney Pixar's Finding Dory : Including Dory, Nemo, Marlin, and All Your Favorite Characters!
Learn to draw all of your favorite characters from Disney-Pixar's Finding Dory step by step!Disney-Pixar's Finding Dory reunites everyone's favorite forgetful blue tang, Dory, with her friends Nemo and Marlin on...


How To Draw Horses
This comprehensive drawing handbook covers all aspects of drawing horses, including essential concepts such as perspective and construction lines. With its clear step-by-step labelled drawings, this is an essential book for any...


Who Was Claude Monet?
Claude Monet is considered one of the most influential artists of all time. He is a founder of the French Impressionist art movement, and today his paintings sell for millions of dollars. While Monet was alive, however, his work...


Paul Cezanne
Clever illustrations and story lines, together with full-color reproductions of Paul Cezanne's actual works, give children a light yet realistic overview of this artist's life and style.


Clay Modeling
Get ready to get creative with clay! This book introduces readers to the world of clay modeling and provides step-by-step instructions for fun models, such as penguins, robots, monsters, and trains. Age-appropriate and...


The Story of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement in Photographs
"Examines the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement, including the organizers of the protests, the movement's support from young people, the violence that occurred, and the integration of Birmingham"--Provided by...


Creepy Crawlies
A praying mantis or scorpion could be tough to draw. They have body segments, lots of legs, and antennae. Getting these right might be hard for even an experienced artist! Readers can draw these and many more bugs in just six...


Cool Stuff to Make with Paper
Provides tips and techniques for creating crafts with paper, including origami animals, hats, snowflakes, and decorations.


Baby's First Eames : From Art Deco to Zaha Hadid
This whimsically illustrated board book offers a delightful A-to-Z overview of modern design icons for the toddler set. Parents who appreciate architecture and modern design will get a kick out of sharing their passion with...


How to Draw Elves, Dwarves, and Other Magical Folk
Creatures in fantastic tales have captured people's imaginations for hundreds of years. Now fantasy fans can bring their imaginations to life and discover their inner artist by learning to draw their favorite fantastic...


Furry & Feathered Friends : Learn to Draw More Than 20 Cute Cartoon Critters
Featured sections cover humorous characteristics, silly expressions, and over-the-top gestures that make a cartoon animal come to life on the page, as well as creative ideas and techniques for rendering a favorite animal in an...


Cats & Quilts : Adult Coloring Book
24 unique hand drawn illustrations to color Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed through Each illustration is printed twice: full page and 4"x6" size, perfect for framing Designed to...


Your Guide to the Arts in the Middle Ages
"Meet the artists, writers, and architects of the Middle Ages who created important and spectacular works that are still celebrated today. From DaVinci's inventions and Brunelleschi's cathedrals to Chaucer's...


Step-by-Step Drawing People
Children love to draw people and faces and they can create satisfying results every time with this clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step drawing book. This write-in book includes instructions, hints and tips, as well as space to...


How to Draw Cool Ships and Boats : From Sailboats to Ocean Liners
Give budding young artists the tools they need to let their creativity soar! These small but informative drawing books will help children discover and expand on their creative drawing talent. Inside this book, they'll find...


Learn to Draw Disney's Frozen : Featuring Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and All Your Favorite Characters!
With "Learn to Draw Disney's Frozen, " young artists will learn to draw all of their favorite characters from the magical kingdom of Arendelle step by step, including princesses Anna and Elsa; Olaf the...


Explore My World Baby Animals
Curious kids ages 3 to 7 will learn about a day in the life of a baby animal, from mama's care to the great world beyond. These engaging Explore My World picture books on subjects kids care about combine simple stories with...


Yesterday's Rain --- A Kid's Guide to Kauai, Hawaii
There are tons of things for a kid to do and see in Kauai, Hawaii, and award winning author, attorney and former teacher, Penelope Dyan, along with award winning photographer, John D. Weigand have combined their efforts once...


Listen: How Pete Seeger Got America Singing
Listen.There was nobody like Pete Seeger.Wherever he went, he got people singing. With his head thrown backand his Adam's apple bouncing, picking his long-necked banjoor strumming his twelve-string guitar, Pete sang...


The Lucky, Plucky Chairs
When a set of eight classic old No. 14 Thonet chairs are threatened with certain doom, their ingenuity saves the day. Together they discover a way to escape, and encounter a world of the most wonderful and imaginative chairs...


Learn to Draw Star Wars : How to Draw Your Favorite Characters, Including Chewbacca, Yoda, and Darth Vader!
With Learn to Draw Star Wars, young artists can learn to draw their favorite characters from the series, including Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader, and more. This 64-page, spiral-bound manual includes tracing paper, grid-drawing...


Crazy, Zany Cartoon Characters : Learn to Draw More Than 20 Weird, Wacky Characters!
As the premiere title in the series, Crazy, Zany Cartoon Characters teaches young artists-in-training how to take their drawing skills from enthusiastic doodler to ace cartoonist through a series of engaging, easy-to-follow...


I Can Draw Dinosaurs, Dragons & Prehistoric Creatures : Learn to Draw Reptilian Beasts and Fantasy Characters Step by Step!
I Can Draw Dinosaurs, Dragons & Prehistoric Creatures teaches young artists how to draw a range of scaly and prehistoric creatures, including a triceratops, tyrannosaurus rex, saber-toothed tiger, woolly rhinoceros, and...


Origami Crafts
Discover origami with these easy, fun and exciting projects for children aged 5+. Let children craft their way through this book, creating and improvising as you go, to learn all about the ancient art of paper-folding. Use this...


Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Trucks and Trains
Explains how to use a few simple shapes, letters, numbers, and symbols to draw almost any animal.


Every starting artist will benefit from this lesson in fundamental painting. Students will learn how to pain self-portraits, animals, landscapes, and much more. Art terms are defined in a straightforward but fun manner. ...


Paul Cezanne
Describes the life of the French painter, including his personal life, his painting style, and analyses of some of his most famous paintings.


Walt Disney : Animator & Founder
This beginner biography takes a look into the life of Walt Disney and his innovative contributions to film and animation. Complete with full-bleed relevant and historical photographs, timeline, glossary, and index. ...


Presents step-by-step instructions for drawing a variety of baby animals, including kittens, foals, and fawns, with information on choosing tools, basic pencil techniques, and creating textures.


Superheroes arent just awesome because of their powers. Many are awesome because of the great artists who drew their capes, weapons, and battles in cartoons and comic books. Learning to draw inventive superheroes such as Captain...


Marc Chagall
Clever illustrations and story lines, together with full-color reproductions of actual paintings, give children a light yet realistic overview of each artist's life and style in these fun and educational books....


Photo By Brady: A Picture of the Civil War
Mathew B. Brady was already a famous photographer by the time the Civil War began. But the war gave Brady something else: The chance to make a RECORD OF A WAR -- this war -- in a way that had never been done before: WITH...


Through Georgia's Eyes
A gorgeous, evocative biography of one of America's most beloved artists.Georgia O'Keeffe saw the world differently from most people. As a child she roamed the prairie with a sketch pad in her hand, struggling to...


Find out how to create your own cartoon characters and comic strips, draw manga-style artwork and expand your abilities into computer-generated animations. Whether you're new to cartoons or looking to develop your skills,...


Look at My Book! : How Kids Can Write & Illustrate Terrific Books
Brainstorm for ideas! Get started on some fascinating research! In no time at all kids can be off on a literary adventure that they can create as they go along. With the help of some spunky and humorous characters, Loreen Leedy...


The Complete Book of Arts & Crafts, Grades K - 4
The Complete Book of Arts & Crafts for kindergarten to fourth grade helps your child explore creative outlets in the following areas: -painting-sculpting-drama-handmade toys-mixed materials-holiday projectsThis...


Graphic Design : For Kids
Kids will be encouraged to experience design firsthand in this interactive series that encompasses a variety of learning styles, develops creative problem-solving skills, and expands the ways in which kids approach challenges....


Assassination and Its Aftermath: How a Photograph Reassured a Shocked Nation
The world was shocked and frightened when President John F. Kennedy was gunned down by an assassin's bullet in 1963. What would happen to the government of the most powerful nation on Earth? When Kennedy's vice...


Serena vs. Venus : How a Photograph Spotlighted the Fight for Equality
The final match of the 2001 U.S. Open featuring tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams was groundbreaking. It was first time siblings had squared off in the final match for more than 100 years. And it was the first time both...


Kids Draw Animals
Kids Draw Animals offers the perfect addition to the mega-selling art instruction series, written by renowned artist and instructor Christopher Hart. Artists between the ages of 6 and 12 will delight in the wonderful animals...


Explore My World Dolphins
Curious kids will learn all about adorable and intelligent dolphins, including their social behavior, communication, diet, and playtime. These engaging Explore My World picture books on subjects kids care about combine simple...


Johannes Vermeer
Johannes Vermeer is mostly known for painting domestic interior scenes. However, there is still so much that we don?t know about this famous artist. Readers will follow Vermeer from his early start as the son of a successful art...


Find Your Future in Art
Find Your Future in Art introduces 8 high-interest art and design careers via reader-friendly profiles and sidebar features that inspire extended learning, online research, and critical thinking skills. Back matter includes...


P is for Poland
From Amber to Chopin, from Borsch to Vistula, this photographic alphabet celebrates everything Poles love best about Poland. Set in the heart of Europe and full of lakes, forests and mountains, the country has wild animals which...


The Impressionists
Discover the painters who became the masters of immediate impressions. Look at the way they saw country and city life, the sea, summer, and winter. Find out more about these magicians of light, who could capture the color of the...


Drawing Manga Vehicles
Numbered step-by-step instructions give age-appropriate guidance for drawing the vehicles kids love in the Manga style. Professional Japanese Manga artist Masaki Nishida lends his expertise to this authentic how-to-draw series....


Leonardo Da Vinci : Young Artist, Writer, and Inventor
Leonardo Da Vinci is best known as the Renaissance painter who created the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. he also made great contributions as a sculptor, architect, engineer. and scientist. But Leonardo wasn't always...


11 popular domestic and wild animals feature in this step-by-step guide. Perfect a pony, sketch a shark and refine a rattlesnake with professional guidance. Whether you can already draw really well or whether you think you...


Robots and Monsters
What could be cooler than learning to draw a dragon and a vampire? Learning to draw those and many kinds of robots! Readers can take on 13 different cartoon-style drawing projects, including a speedbot, retro robot, alien...


Star Wars Coloring Book : Coloring Good and Evil Characters in Star Wars


Meet the Artist: Alexander Calder
No artist can put a smile on your face quicker than Alexander Calder. A sense of playfulness animates all of his work-from his signature hanging mobiles to his endlessly creative toys, drawings, and jewellery. Alexander Calder:...


Picture This! : A Kids' Guide to the National Gallery
Come on a fascinating tour of one of the world's most-visited museums and discover more about masterpieces and the stories behind them.This wonderful introduction to the National Gallery brings paintings to life and is a...


Cool Stuff to Bake
Provides tips and techniques for baking, with recipes for pizza, rolls, cookies, and cakes.